The Web Virus

2014-08-11 21:26:40 by chekbo44

I'm making my first PC game 'The Web Virus'

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The Key Awards

2014-08-05 23:17:25 by chekbo44

I want to thank every one who played my game The Key , and here's the board of the top ten players of the game THANK YOU FOR THIS 


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Here's the first ad i make for a game 

i hope you'll like it 

and the game will be released very soon.


The Key

2014-06-09 06:15:08 by chekbo44

Here's a little picture of my upcoming flash game "The key"

SEEEE YOU SOOOON :D4532857_140230884392_Sanstitre2.png

My new song

2013-12-13 18:56:42 by chekbo44

Hi everyone ,

I need your help for this one , i've made my new progressive house sound (Time Travel) and i need your vote to get it to the top of the list of spinnin'reccords so please vote for me here's the link

and for the G*** Cha***** the game is in development and i belive i'll finish it before 2014 or maybe January 2014

Thank you ^^

G*** Ch****** (Flash Game)

2013-10-08 16:44:23 by chekbo44

Finally i have an idea for my next Game .
I'm trying now to write my ideas , organize them before starting to develop .
I hope this game will be released as soon as possible .
And that you'll like it .

G*** Ch****** (Flash Game)