Entry #1

G*** Ch****** (Flash Game)

2013-10-08 16:44:23 by chekbo44

Finally i have an idea for my next Game .
I'm trying now to write my ideas , organize them before starting to develop .
I hope this game will be released as soon as possible .
And that you'll like it .

G*** Ch****** (Flash Game)


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2013-10-08 17:08:15

o.o wow is a game: accion,aventure,gore...?

chekbo44 responds:

I always try to change the rules of games and find new ways to play and have fun , it's more difficult to make an great flash game that people will like than to make an PC game that people will play .
To the point : This game is like an sport game (Track and field ) but you'll not run O.o
you'll understand more later i'll try to make updates every time about the game .