Entry #7

I'm still alive

2017-09-22 18:24:45 by chekbo44

Well, it's been a long time i haven't been here i guess...

I canceled my last game "The Web Virus" long time ago, because i got depressed being in college wasting my time in CS class of third world's country. I made some projects that i've never finished of course ... and now i'm back making a project that i will actually finish this time (^ , ^) it has some temporary names right now i still don't know what the final name will be and i'm still making the prototype version and here's a screen for you :D 


What it is ? : A platformer rogue-like

When the story happens ? : In the othman empire period in north africa 

Who's the hero ? : Gaia ... (The story is still in development) 

Will there be action ? : Yes!

Reflexion ? : Yes too !

Will it be hard ? : Of course !

Compared to ? : Dark souls hard ! 

Who's making the game ? : Well, me obviously ... but also Nari :D she's  making the Art and sharing the hard work of making the game as hard as possible (─‿‿─)

Where will it be released ? : It's just in the prototyping phase so certainly PC for sure... (I will miss you flash (ಥ﹏ಥ))

When will it be released ? : ... Ask Phil Fish he'll probably tell you (actually don't, he doesn't even know i exist)

WELL, in conclusion : Since i have made my first games on newgrounds it was logical for me to anounce my game here :D and i hope to give you news as soon as i can :D so stay tuned .


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2017-09-22 18:56:17

I understand, life gets tough sometimes :)